Is Virtual Reality The Online Casino Future?

Online casinos already offer an impressive experience. The games are more detailed than ever, providing amazing graphics and dazzling special effects. ButVirtual Reality (VR) has slowly been creeping in and making online gambling that much more immersive. Many online casinos have already adopted a VR option, catering to what is currently a niche. The question is; will VR ever become the standard way to gamble online?

Ask the average online gambler and they’ll tell you that VR is limited. But is it? In 2021 VR tech in online gambling was worth an estimated $250 million. That is an insane 800% over the previous year. These are numbers that don’t indicate a niche, they indicate a growing industry that seems to be heading for the stratosphere.

Yes, it all sounds like so much science fiction, but is fast becoming mainstream reality. Let’s take a closer look.

Not A Mandatory Requirement

The first time VR was fully integrated into online gambling was 2015. That makes the tech still very new, and still nothing more than an optional extra. Sites like ZAR Casino are still far more interested in mobile integration, which makes sense. After all, almost everyone has a phone, and very few have a headset.

However, this does all seem to be changing. The world health crisis emphasised how much money exists in recreating land based experiences at home. Gambling enthusiast were aching to get out to their favourite land based casinos, only to instead discover online alternatives. As such online gambling numbers skyrocketed. Those peaks have since began to subside, but even now more are heading online to gamble than ever before.

What if going online was just as immersive as going to a land based venue?

The Biggest Barrier

The biggest barrier to VR is what it’s always been, the cost. A good headset is still surprisingly expensive, and asking the average punter to shell out hundreds of dollars is a big ask. But as with all technology revolutions the prices are expected to come down. More and more companies are jumping on-board, which inevitably means that better deals are on the horizon.

It likely won’t be long now before a mainstream, cost effective option is introduced. Once this happens it’s only a matter of time before VR becomes as commonplace as a TV. At least, this is likely assuming that quality entertainment is being produced for the platform. Quality entertainment such as deeply immersive online casinos.

A Possible Incoming Revolution

The fact of the matter is that online casinos are always looking for a new draw. There are hundreds of sites, and many struggle to stand out in a rapidly expanding market. New technology might be exactly the ticket to success. The site that provides the best virtual venue may be the new king of the block. Heck, imagine putting on a headset and being transported to a casino on the moon? Who wouldn’t want to check that out?

It remains to be seen how the technology wave will unfold. The only certain thing is that online gambling will likely be very different in a few years, if headsets are involved or not. There is now stopping the tech revolution.

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