How Online Live Dealer Casino Games Work

About 10 years ago something big happened at online casinos; live dealer games were introduced. Standing as an alternative to traditional online casino games, live dealer games feature real croupiers. Interestingly many operators didn’t have much faith in the idea when the games were first introduced. Most thought that online gamblers preferred the speed and reliability of digital simulations, and so predictions were made that live versions would fail.

But the exact opposite happened and today live dealer games are more popular than ever.

But how exactly is it possible to bet on live games, what technology is involved, and how does it all work? Let’s take a closer look.

The Internet Bandwidth Revolution

It seems like just yesterday that it took an entire night to download 40MB of information. Yes, when first introduced the internet was laughably slow. Things like streaming movies were a fairy-tale, and the most any internet user could hope for was to check their email.

Of course it wasn’t long before speeds increased exponentially. Today broadband internet can easily download 40MB in a single second. A big step up. The drastically increased speeds made things like movie streaming possible, and even live streaming. With such a rapid transfer someone in the US can point a camera at themselves, and someone in the UK can receive the feed almost instantaneously.

Making Live Dealer Entertainment

Quality sites like Black Lotus Casino want to give players the best experience possible. This means providing mobile access to real money games, and embracing a new technology. The trick is that players want the best, and won’t accept anything less. This gave live dealer pioneers Evolution Gaming a challenge; providing live dealer entertainment on par with the real thing.

In 2006 Evolution Gaming got started. A world class broadcast studio was constructed, professional croupiers trained, and even full camera crews hired. Interestingly enough even a Pit Boss was necessary, given that human croupiers are capable of making mistakes. A dedicated software engineer team was also needed, given that the real money software interface must handle dozens, or even hundreds of wagers per second.

Taking Gaming To The Next Level

Live dealer online gambling is only getting more popular by the day. So much so that Evolution Gaming, now known as just Evolution, have given birth to an entirely new genre. Game Show gambling. The company sank millions into buying licenses and constructing new sets, all aimed at giving players something truly unique.

Deal Or No Deal Live, Monopoly Live,Dream Catcher and more. It has been a revolution that took the world by storm, providing an experience as much like a TV game show as possible. Online gamblers now feel like they were participating in shows that are usually reserved for the very lucky. Yes, it is still live, and yes the production quality is on par with traditional game shows.

The question now is where the genre will go next. Already virtual reality has been integrated, taking things to a science fiction level. But there is no telling what Evolution and other companies will dream up. It truly is an exciting time for the industry, and an exciting time for those that enjoy the cutting edge.

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